It’s been quite a while since any updates, but the good news is She is back on the road.  Five and a half years ago, Alina and I purchased our house.  The bus was driving for the first couple months and then the inevitable….. I don’t think it was a serious problem, but the bus wouldn’t start.  Other projects and expenses continued to take precedence and She sat, and sat and sat.  It was five years in our driveway.  Snow covered the bus every winter, the sun washed her out each summer.  The tires drooped, the rust grew sealing the slider shut.  Things weren’t looking good, but the dream persisted.  We discussed getting rid of the lawn ornament, but that would be too painful.  When there is a will there is a way.

Not having time, money, or a clue what was  needed to get her back on the road, I had an idea back in June.  Craigslist is an amazing thing.  I posted some pictures and offered a trade in the barter section. I was looking for someone who could do the mechanical work and clean up the rust.  I received several responses, and had a good feeling about one.  Andrew Atwood from Atwood and Sons garage in Waterbury, VT was interested.  He checked out the bus, agreed to give it a tune up, cut out the bondo, grind out the rust and give here a new paint job.  We shook hands and the bus drove off on his trailer.

Now the waiting…..

He estimated 45 days …..

after a week, I received a text showing that the bus was running.


waiting …

Several discussions take place at home on the paint color.  Indecision.  Do we keep it the same, do we change?

Decision Made, committed….

We decided to take a trip to the garage and check things out.  Most of the body work was done and rust cleaned up.  The fuel pump went out, and was replaced.  It was a great trip to Waterbury with the family.  We hit Ben and Jerry’s and visited the garage.  We stayed at a little resort in Stowe and had a nice get away.

Here are some pictures from our visit.

After the visit, it was really hard to wait….

But after only a couple of weeks until we got the call and the bus was ready

She is running great, looks great and back on the road.  Still a work in progress, but I am in love.  The rear window seal was on back order at bus depot so we needed a temporary solution.  More to come on issues and improvements.  It is great to have another project.