May 22, 2012

I realized today that it has been literally YEARS since writing in here. I can’t believe how time flies by. Unfortunately the main reason for not writing is that our beloved Bus hasn’t been flying around anywhere in a long while.

Brian and I were married at the end of September of 2010 and the bus was running great! It even made it’s grand appearance as our wedding weekend vehicle.

But since then a lot has changed. Brian and I bought a house back in February 2011. In the spring we were using the bus still and it came in real handy for trips to Lowes to get our gardening supplies.

However one hot early summer day when we came out of our local Walmart after a brief shopping trip with the kids, she just didn’t want to start back up for us. 😦

And so from then on it has been not much more than a pretty lawn ornament. 😦  We miss her dearly. But haven’t been able to find the extra cash to spend on getting her fixed up again since we have a house with lots of projects and things to pay for these days. But mark my words she will be on the road again someday, sooner than later we hope.