Fourth of July Breakdown

August 5, 2010

I know, I know, here it is the 5th of August and I am just now getting around to filling you in on our latest breakdown story. We had a fun filled Fourth of July this year staying closer to home as Brian is still recovering from his back injury. We took the kids to see the fireworks show put on at UNH in Durham which is right near where we live now.  So, there we are all sitting on a blanket together patiently waiting and entertaining ourselves before the show when Brian exclaims…

“OH NO! I think I left the lights on in the Bus!” We were parked pretty far away and decided that it would be ok and we had our jump charger thing and maybe some nice passer by would shut them off for us. So we tried not to think about it… well that, and the fact that the battery light had been coming on lately as well, hmmm Anyways…

When we get back to the bus after the show and the lights were off, someone must have shut them off or the battery died because Brian was sure he left them on. So, of course we need to jump it. It starts! Phew.

Then as we are sitting there waiting for the line of traffic to move from the parking lot Brian turns on the lights and uh-oh… It dies.

We jump it again. It starts, we start driving around. It dies. So we decided that it must be the alternator not charging up the battery so maybe if we just get it going and then drive in circles around the parking lot it will charge up. WRONG. We only managed to get the police over asking us questions about why we were driving in circles in a VW bus with kids in the back. Hmm… we aren’t suspicious or anything.

So I bounce out and talk to them about the situation. No problems. A guy who seemed to be watching and waiting in his car for someone since we were the last ones in the parking lot seeing as how it was getting to be about 11pm and the event was now long over.. he offered to help us jump it one more time. Meanwhile I start calling AAA and Isabelle is crying her eyes out saying, ” I knew this would happen, we should have taken the car, now we will never get home”. Poor thing was scared sick while Colin was loving the idea of getting a tow truck to take us home.

So with two over tired kids at 11:30 pm in a parking lot we tried to pass the time waiting for the tow truck to come which took 45 minutes so we were doing things like singing and cartwheels in the grass, duck, duck goose etc etc to keep Isabelle’s mind off the fact we were temporarily “stranded”.

The tow truck driver arrived and we could not be more happy to head home. He was quite the talker and wouldn’t stop all the way there which quieted the kids down, only because I think they were afraid of him. Ha. (I was a little too.) Anyways, we made it home safe and sound. The kids got to stay up till midnight and thought that was the coolest thing EVER! In fact so much as to ask us if we can breakdown again the next time we have them with us. Ha… now they think it’s fun.

We didn’t think it was so fun and neither did our wallets as we had to order an alternator and get that put in which took about a week to do all in all and Brian had to rent a car to get to work all week as we don’t conveniently drive the same direction to work as each other anymore.

But alas, the bus is now fixed again and running great… for now…

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