January 22, 2010

So here it is, middle of winter and the bus is still running strong. Brian drives it everyday except for the days when it is really really iced up, which have only been few this winter. See, the bus has no heat. The connections to hook up the heat are missing and we just didn’t have the money to get it all hooked up before winter this year. So if we have a snow storm with ice or anything it is really hard to clear off the bus without help from it warming up on the inside. It’s more or less like an ice box on wheels at that point.

Other than those days Brian bundles himself up and with a smile and hat and gloves and all he hops in the bus every chilly morning. He loves it. He says it handles great in the snow too. He even rigged up a ceramic heater thing that hooks up to the battery to run, which provides a small amount of heat for him. Brrrr. He’s crazy. That’s why I love him though. And everyone loves the bus. 🙂

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