November 9, 2009

Two Saturday’s ago we decided to take the bus to go pick up our veggies at the farm. We were riding along on 95 south, the 3 or so exits we had to go when all of a sudden… We lost our gas pedal action… aaahhh it was not getting any gas… so I tell Brian to try to pull over when he can as we are slowing to a snails pace in the middle lane and people are whizzing around us Honking and Beeping and actually Flipping Us Off!!! I couldn’t believe it… I mean who flips off a VW Bus with Peace and Love on the plate… Come On! So we pull over right at one of the exit ramps and try to figure out the issue. After trying a few things we still couldn’t get it to start back up again. So inevitably we had to call a tow truck. (really not in the budget these days)

I took the opportunity to take some photos of a close up of a highway exit sign… I mean how many times in your life will you get the chance to be that close… right?

2009-10-31 17.12.50

2009-10-31 17.12.55

We shrugged our shoulders and went on our way. Brian thought it might be either the cable that attaches to the gas pedal or the distributer cap or something easy like that. Come to find out he was right… mostly. It took a week of her sitting for us to get one of our trusty mechanics to make a house call. And on Saturday Ron came by and with him and Brian looking at it, they figured out it was the distributer cap and the rotor inside that needed replacing. A mere 12 dollar purchase, however for the time of our mechanic the whole ordeal would cost another 100 dollars for his time.

Oh brother.

But the bus is up and running once again. Little by little it feels like we will end up replacing everything and then she will be essentially brand new. haha

Then Sunday we took her out to an art show of a favorite artist of mine Janis Sanders, I work with his wife Vizma and they are both just the loveliest people. When we came out from the show an older woman and her daughter were caught in action taking pictures and gushing over the bus and so we got to chat to them about it and show it off a bit. It always feels so good to have admirers. I remember how treasured my photos of the Busses I have come across are to me and now I just can’t believe that my bus will be in other peoples photographs! I still can’t believe I have a bus sometimes.

It’s just the best thing ever.

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