A Brand New Start… er

October 7, 2009

So where did we leave off…  Ever since the trip to NJ or even a bit before that the bus didn’t really like to start all the time… Well, we did discover that if you bang on the starter a bit with say… a hammer that it would then start up. I guess the starters getting stuck were a common problem on these buses. So at least we didn’t have to push start the bus anymore. The banging seemed to work every time. However, it was still unpleasant for brian to slide under the bus ever time it wouldn’t start up, especially when the ground was wet or something. So, he read and read about changing out a starter. He found that it was pretty easy to do and thought he might give it a try himself ! So we ordered a new starter and solenoid for the bus. He got under there and tried to un-do the three bolts that hold the old starter in and one of them was rusted on super nice so that he couldn’t get it off.

So we had put off changing it for a bit until we could get someone to help us. Well… The other night we were going to the local natural food market and I met brian there on my way home and he was on the phone. He was talking to Brian the mechanic we had first work on the bus about possibly getting the starter changed out soon. Brian the mechanic said he was at his shop now just down the street and we could bring it by after if we wanted. So we did. And he had to break off the old rusted bolt for us and changed the starter for 30 dollars labor. 🙂 Not bad. He also told us that he has some VW Bus stickers for us that his friend who works for VW gave to him to give us! 🙂 Everyone loves the bus.

Oh yea and also for Brian’s birthday I bought him this handy book so he can continue to try to learn about working on the bus! It is very humorous too and helpful so far.

VW-John Muir

Also, Bri is excited that he just ordered a stereo and speakers to get rigged up in the bus so that he will finally be able to listen to some tunes in there!

And, that is the latest and greatest!