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August 27, 2009

Hey guys!

So last night, we took the bus on a ride up the coast to go to dinner and a movie and we spotted another bus parked by the ocean and so we stopped and got to chat for a while with an owner of a ’71 that looked much like ours. It was fun to compare restoration, history and stories with them. I love that this vehicle is going to allow for us to meet some pretty cool people along our travels with it. 🙂

Today, Brian found some fun old advertisements and a brochure for our particular Westy. I thought I would share here. Also this evening he will attempt his first oil change in the bus and we will see how that goes. It needs a good change for sure and we will be taking it on yet another road trip this weekend. We are bound for the Jersey shore to say goodbye to Brian’s mom before she heads back to AZ. It will be an interesting trip. I am crossing my fingers that we make it ok with no troubles but that is the thing with the bus… it is always an adventure, you never know what will happen. 🙂

We had the kids last weekend and went camping in it and we stopped at a store real quick, came back out and the thing wouldn’t start up… but we didn’t think it was the battery. Thankfully someone walked by and asked about what year it was and we asked him to help give us a jump start and thankfully it worked… and continued to ever since…. so we will see 🙂 I will let you know how the road trip goes. ’till next time… Peace and Luv

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The FaceLift

August 17, 2009

Ok, So here is the scoop on the bus restoration.

We had been impatiently waiting for it’s return from getting it’s body work done. Brian really wanted it so he would have a car to drive to work and we kept getting pushed back as far as when we could go pick it up. Because the mechanic, Ron, kept finding more and more things and trouble like the fact that it had parts on it that were made up only of bondo and he sanded right through and had to create more metal body for it. This bus had about 15 coats of different paint and primer on it’s body… it has definitely been around a while 🙂 But when all was said and done… we got the call… you can come pick it up tonight but not until like 10pm

So we occupied ourselves and went to dinner and had yummy lobster.



Then we drove to barrington and got to see some of the final process on the bus getting spray painted and we got filled in on all the stuff that was done to it. The undercoating looked amazing and the paint job…. well… we liked the color a lot and it certainly isn’t perfect with some drippy’s and uneveness but you get what you pay for and we wouldn’t have it any other way. It shouldn’t be perfect anyways. So we loved it. And drove it home still glistening and wet with paint.

Bus in GarageBus 2Bus 3

In the morning Brian was sooo excited he woke up at the crack of dawn to go look at it. We had to get going on cleaning up the inside as we planned to take it on a trip that day and it was quite a mess inside with dust from his body work and just the gross state it was in when we bought it. So I pulled on my yellow rubber gloves and Brian grabbed the rags and bucket and we went to town on the inside… We took it to the car wash to give it a powerful vacuuming and dawned it with some air fresheners (new car scent of course) as well as sprayed it down with Febreze. It was looking pretty good. It only needed one more thing before it was road ready… OUR STICKERS!! We had a few stickers for it and we are sure to get more.

glovesbus 4Stickers2009-08-15 09.47.09


So after it was clean, we packed up some things and headed north to the mountains with our new bus. It was running like a dream. Up hills, down hills, hitting about 65 on the highway 🙂 We got many honks and waves, smiles and peace signs driving it all over NH and Southern Maine this weekend. We also got to test out how it is to sleep in and it was mighty comfy actually. 🙂 It still needs work and we will continue to have a project on our hands. The inside will be hopefully getting re-done before next summer. But for now it is fun fun fun. We will keep you updated. Peace and Love to you all.

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