A Poem Tribute…

July 31, 2009

Brian wrote up this quick poem in dedication of the bus today and I had to share it. 🙂

She’s old and white
Rusty and loud
Quite a sight
Sitting high and proud

We found her neglected
After a long respite
Now she has been selected
To return to the light

Some new brakes and shocks
Sand down the rust
A new gas cap that locks
A muffler to control the gust

Some new tires that shine
Will make her look so fine
NH is the state
With PCE&LUV on her Plate
This ’77 bus is Great!

Body Works

July 31, 2009

So Brian and I drove the Bus over to Barrington to see a guy about some body work last night. It looks so cute out on the roads and gets lots of good reactions and attention even in it’s current rusty condition. I can’t wait till it is looking sharp! 🙂

So this kid and I mean kid, is going to be working on getting all the rust out for us and fixing up the holes as well as re-doing all the undercoating on the bottom of the bus and then he will prime and spray paint it white for now until we can get a nicer paint job. But at least the rust will be out and prevented from getting worse! He will be doing all this for the low low price of 800 bucks parts and labor! Which granted that is only 100 dollars shy of what we paid for the bus itself but it is a good deal for the work that it is getting. So once we get it back in a week or two we will need tires and the reverse lights to be fixed up and then we will be inspect-able 🙂

You really have to have a lot of faith in people when you need to get things done cheaply like this. The place we dropped it off was very sketchy and the kid doing the work wasn’t even there so we left it with the key it and hope for the best. No contracts, no nothing of course. Just cash transactions and trust that it will get done. Brian met the kid though and had a good feeling about it all. I am putting my trust in Brian and that is pretty easy. 🙂

Bri is so excited to get this thing road ready because driving it is so much fun and then he will have a car again to take to work and I can’t wait too. We saw a green one drive by us on our walk last night and of course had to wave and give peace signs… they just make you happy! I miss ours already. The parking lot looks so empty and sad without it.

Once we are all inspected and it is driving around then we can work on cleaning up the insides. We are hoping that by next summer we will have it in pretty great condition and able to take it on longer camping and road trips 🙂 I am so excited.

So I will let you know how it is looking after we get it back from the Body guy.

Till then… Peace and Love y’all


July 8, 2009

Hey Everyone!

So we got the Bus back from “Brian The Mechanic” and we have made some progress so I figured I would inform you of that and let you know what is next on the agenda for the Bus. Brian was able to put in new brakes and shocks and filled the tires with air, which they still will need replacing I think before inspection time… But she is sitting up tall, pretty and proud now with her new legs. Not looking as sad as she did before. She also has a new wiper arm so her brow is even now and a new gas cap to cover up her…uh,well you know. 🙂 Brian also got his hands on a manual for the old gal and now we will have everything we need to know to continue to tinker and restore this great car! 🙂


So all that we need now for it to be inspection ready is:

• Reverse lights fixed

• Some new sneakers (tires)

• Body work to get the rust and holes out

We have someone who may be willing to do the body work for us for $15/hr which would be really great because it will be some hours to do it I think. So we will let you know when we hear about that.

Ok, that’s it for now. Keep on Truckin’… I Mean Bussin’