Quick Update

June 10, 2009

Hey all!

So just a quickie here I wanted to let everyone know it was official that we have our PCE&LUV plates ordered and it took all of $78 to register the VW and we had no problem doing it even though we had: NO TITLE and the last registration was done in 2004 and was in a different name than the bill of sale was because it was the father of the kid who sold it to us. I was holding my breathe but they registered it no problem 🙂

Second good news! We found ourselves a mechanic. In keeping with true Craigslist fashion we found a guy who has been a mechanic for many years and does work for people on evenings and weekends. We contacted him and he came out to look at the LUV BUS and he fell in love just like we did. I was nervously watching body language from inside as they looked at the thing but the verdict was that he is really excited to take our project on and work with us on it and thinks it shouldn’t be too bad getting it road ready.

So Brian the mechanic is coming to pick up our little bus and drive it off to the garage tomorrow. I will be sad to not see it in the driveway every morning and evening but I know when we get it back there it will be in much better shape. He also has a friend who does body work who will give us his estimate about getting the body in good rust free shape and ready for a paint job of a still undetermined color.

Ok that is all for now. I will let you know the estimated work once it gets really looked over.

Peace 🙂

Me and the bus


One Response to “Quick Update”

  1. Definitely go with orange.

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