The Weekend

May 26, 2009

Hello all.

So all weekend I have been in disbelief that I have this junky but cute VW Bus parked outside. The neighbors have also been a little curious… haha I think we were “the gossip” on the block this weekend. But a few were daring enough to ask and I think they were happy with what they heard as far as the fact that we will be A. fixing it up. and B. not doing it in the parking lot of the condos next to their porches and mercedes haha. (no joke)

They will love it when it’s done. We will too. It looks great by the ocean. Brian’s kids also got introduced to the Bus this weekend and loved it and the idea of having many adventures in there. My Mom and Dad also stopped in to check out the new addition this weekend on their way through from moving my brother Tim in to NYC for his internship for the summer and it put smiles on their faces as well…. 🙂 How can it not.

We found out that with the new battery it indeed STARTS RIGHT UP!!! 🙂 Good sign.

However it stinks. (needs exhaust)

Also, we found out we need some break lights to go with our new breaks. And I am pretty sure the gas gauge doesn’t work. So that will be interesting.

So much to do, so little time.

Good news. We looked into vanity license plates as I am going to try to get it registered this week and our number one choice is indeed available: PCE&LUV

Good things ahead. I will keep you posted.


One Response to “The Weekend”

  1. Kira said

    Love the Vanity Plate idea.

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