It Begins…

May 22, 2009

With a girl and a dream…

900 Bucks and Craigslist.

This page is to keep everyone updated on the renovations and restoration of the new VW Bus project I have taken on.

I just bought a ’77 VW Bus!! I have always wanted one of these. This style has the camper interior complete with bed, sink and cooler and swivel passenger seat. It will need some work… Oh yes, It will need some work. But at that price I am willing to take on the labor of love and turn this ride into something sweet to be loved by all. Right now. We are looking at needing some things like a battery, suspension, brakes, tires, patching up some exhaust and sanding down some rust and getting a paint job. Not too bad eh! haha We already picked up a battery and hopefully will have that installed today.

That is just what we know at this point before a real mechanic takes a look-see.

Here is a picture of what it looks like. However this is a little bit old of a pic, we will get some detailed pics of what it looks like for real up here shortly. And then we will continue to update photos and take you through the life of this little wagon that could. Thanks for stopping in! Check back soon.

Peace and Love.

The New Bus


3 Responses to “It Begins…”

  1. Alison said

    I’m looking forward to following the progress of the camper bus. It’s going to be bodacious; I can feel it already. Any thoughts on colors yet?

  2. Kira said

    You’re too cool.

  3. Dad said

    That’s my girl!!! Brings a tear to my eye. Bring this ride back from the brink and give it life! 🙂

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